Sunday, March 27, 2011

Clothing & Stuff Swaps

I'm a huge advocate for 'stuff swaps'. A number of years back, I was introduced to "Spring Cleaning", an event put on by a group of friends I met through my now hubby. These gals are truly trailblazers. God knows how many years they've been doing this (9 years to be exact) -- and it only gets better with time. Everyone who attends brings their unwanted stuff (well at least, that's how it's supposed to work), and we break it out into two sections ... the presentation section (for cooler items) and the free-for-all display section (for smaller or less story worthy items). Each person takes their turn, presenting their items and onlookers get to place dips as we go. No set in stone rules ... but there is an unspoken balance encouraged. At the end of the presentations, each person draws a number, which represents the order in which you get to check out the display section and pick a few treasures. So much fun.

"Stuff" can range from clothing to household items to books to shoes to toys. The items that don't get claimed are then taken to a local thrift shop -- usually St. Vincent's or Value Village.

It's a great afternoon of swapping, gabbing, snacking, and a few glasses of wine. We love it so much that we have Spring Cleaning and Fall Cleaning. Not only is it an exciting, chic, and personalized free garage sale in your living room -- but it's a great way to keep your hoarding in check. And how gorgeous is the invite (courtesy of a very talent graphic artist in attendance) above?! So fabulous.

I think there should be more venues for swaps. Spread the word.

Spins and Needles held a really cool one a number of years back. In perfect Spins and Needles fashion, there was swapping, crafting, DIYing, food, and a great DJ. I hope they do this again. Until they do, I am a loyal patron, and plan to attend the upcoming Bricolage Brunch on Sunday, April 3.

Most recently, MILK, a boutique in the Market is doing a swap for discounts on their new merchandise. Basically, you bring in gently used clothing items in exchange for 20% off your purchase. Not quite the free "swap" concept... as I'm not sure there is actually swapping of the used items going on ... but cool nonetheless! I won't be able to make it, as I'm hosting CRAFT DAY here at my place ... but major props to MILK. Let's hope this feeds the trend.

Know of any swaps going on?

To swapping and crafting ... and thrifting of course.


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  1. Hi! You are blogging again! Great.

    Really interesting about the 20% discount at MILK - thanks for the tip!