Friday, March 6, 2009

National Thrift Store Month ... Canada

That country attached to our bottom half -- you know, the United States of America -- they sure have some amazingly Thriftacular blogs ... as well as a petition for National Thrift Store Month. Without even a blink, I am confident they are on to something.

This initiative ... and Facebook group ... is being led by the Thrifty Chicks very own Shopping Golightly. This thrft diva is seeking out the recognition, ap-pre-ci-a-tion, and attention that non-profit thrift stores, vintage shops, consignment stores, flea markets, and garage sales alike deserve!
It's all about the value and importance that these establishments serve in American (and Canadian) culture. Although the petition and backend efforts are focused on the US, we, as Canadians can build on this effort. Geez, any ideas? I've got my homework cut out for me.

I'm not a thrift fashion guru (yet) -- but I am THE number one fan of thrift stores for just about everything else. As I've ranted before, there are countless reasons why we cannot continue to mindlessly buy and discard. One of my goals is to do some research, reading, and collection of factoids on our consumption issues and overflowing landfills. Stay tuned. But just as important, is the fact that many of these stores donate a signifcant amount of their revenue to charity. VV for example, donates both on donations and purchases. Win-win.

I absolutely support and applaud recognizing December as National Thrift Store Month. Want to learn more? Intersted in supporting this movement ... join the Facebook petition!

What is your best thrift store find?? Oh goodness .... let me count the ways. ;)

Your homework?

Add something new to YOUR weekly schedule ... a trip to your local thrift store! It will add a new dimension to your life that can't be compared to anything else. Do it for green reasons, charitable reasons, frugal reasons, or kitchy reasons. Go with a goal. Start small. Shop for you. Shop for others. Determine your budget ahead of time. Make time for more than one round of the store -- some things don't jump out the first time.

Psssst .... Pass it on.


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  1. Oh this is absolutely awesome! I'm glad I've stumbled upon your blog, I would love to be part of this initiative.