Friday, March 6, 2009

Pyrex: Stands the test of time!

... one more little post before heading to bed. Yes, I've spent my entire Friday night online. Oops.

An Internet shopping guru friend of mine (heehee), and member of Sunday Shopping Church introduced me to this amazing site detailing Vintage Pyrex patterns. They are so beautiful that I had to share. Pyrex!!? Yes, I know. They not only stand the test of time ... but far surpass the Pyrex of today. Man have we become boring these days or what?!

The butter dish I bought last weekend at Bentley's Flea Market was the "bluebird" pattern -- how fun it is to be able to identify the historical significance or at least appreciate the historical beauty of these treasured finds.

Okay ... off to bed.
Sweet thrifting dreams to all.
What's in store for this weekend ... only time will tell.

Let the thrifting begin.


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  1. Hi Kitty!
    I have just found out about your blog and am excited about going thrift shopping here in Ottawa. Keep writing!