Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ThriftKitty wants her groove back ...

During peek thrift season -- summer -- you'd think ThriftKitty would be in her prime! Clearly she would be staking out the garage sales at the wee hours of the morning and exploring new flea markets and antique stores stumbled upon during summer travels.

But clearly, if this were happening, she would also be blogumenting her journey here for fellow thrifters (heehee) to enjoy. Wouldn't she?

Yes, but clearly, this is not happening.

To be clear, it's the blogumentation that isn't happening. Case in point - refer to the date of my last entry. Meeeerow. Is taking too much time to smell the flowers a fair excuse? Probably not, but soooo enjoyable.

To be fair, what is happening are many a thrift travel and triumph. Never as many as I would like -- as there are simply too many fun activities and weekend getaways on Saturday mornings -- but some super exciting tales.

So, where are the posts? And when will I stop rambling about nonsense?

Good questions! ...

I'm awaiting inspiration. It's coming.


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