Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Martha Stewart -- You're M-Azing!

Despite my ThriftKitty absenteeism issues, I have to share this little tidbit with you. Stumbled across it as I was cleaning up my much neglected gmail account.

Those who know me, know I'm a bit of a Martha Stewart fan. I stuck by her through thick and thin. Jail time and all. We all have our flaws - thank goodness ours are not out in the public eye for all to judge - but this lady has got some serious talent. One heck of a resilient lady to boot.

In a recent Martha Stewart Living Newsletter, she brings us a piece entitled "Treasure Hunt". Here, Martha and her team share secrets on Shopping Flea Markets and yard sales, tips on how to organize your own yard sale, and how to transform your treasures into chic home accessories! All this is [of course] layered with the most important tip of all -- never leave your manners at home. This is a key element in the etiquette of negotiating.

I am certainly on the market for tips on how to incorporate amazing finds into existing/budding home decor, as I have successfully cluttered most rooms in the house. Now what?!

Martha, what can you teach me today ...

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