Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Church of Thrifting

The Church of Thrifting. Yes, this is a religion, a habit, and an activity that I can get behind.

But first, a minor tangent.

A wise person recently enlighted me on the difference between expressing "luck" vs. expressing "fortune". I simply hadn't thought about it before -- and tended to use the word luck, never the word fortune. She explained ... Luck tends to imply chance, happenstance ... something out of one's control. Whereas fortune, or feeling fortunate implies gratefulness, and having participated in the process of that fortune. Unfortunately, the dictionary doesn't entirely support this difference -- but I digress. :)

Okay, so the point of that random non-thrify tangent was this. I am truly fortunate to have some seriously, absolutely, astoundingly, and most incredibly amazing people in my life. There are so many reasons for this outburst, but I have never been so aware of this fact as I am today. Thank you for this fortune. I am so grateful and will spend the balance of my days ensuring that I have earned this fortune.

So, the Church of Thrifting ... or more broadly referred to as the Church of Sunday Shopping. This term was coined by a good friend of mine - a creative genius really. And the following has grown quickly. Tripled actually, when another good friend, longtime thrifter, and artist to boot joined the church and created our sign! :)

We plan to set out on a weekly basis. Give our thanks. Invest in our community. Celebrate our friendship. And share in our common beliefs.

This has added a new dimension to my thrifting journey.
Stay tuned!

Damage will no doubt be done. Treasures will surely be found. New territory will most certainly be marked.


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