Thursday, February 26, 2009

Impure Yoga Thoughts: Thrifting!

Oops! I've got thrifting on the brain.

In addition to becoming a thrift expert extraordinaire in 2009, I have also been determined to get my exercise on. ThriftKitty has got to get her groove back - such a lazy bones! So, I was at yoga this evening ... well, a yoga of sorts -- it was BodyFlow at GoodLife ... and for those who know this class, there is a relaxation session at the end of the class. I've been known to do everything but relax during this timeframe. Stress, plan, worry, and oh ya, sleep.

Tonight -- what did I do? I daydreamed about thrfiting. Really? Yes. I couldn't stop imagining this fabulous scene where I stumble
across the most amazing thrift store! A treasure trove tucked away on a side street. It's completely quirky with fantastic prices! You know, the real thrift pricing of the good old days ... when you could buy items for a quarter (hear that VV!?!!)! Then, during this beautiful, relaxing song I started to get that thrift panic / excitement heart racing thing!!

What did I do? I rushed out of that class (after namaste-ing of course) threw on my boots, jumped in the car, and drove straight to the only thrift spot I know that stays open until 9:00pm. VV.

Oh man, it just makes me laugh. But what fun!! They had to rip me out of the store after 3 "we're closing warnings".

Haven't take pics of my most recent fabulous finds ... but my gem of the night was definitely this crazy log patterned, mushroom infested gravy boat!!

I'm just so excited! What a week. I even stumbled across some new amazing thrift blogs -- which are in my blog link section -- Thrifty Chicks and Queen of Fifty Cents! You have to check these gals out. Pure genius.


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  1. OMG--that crocheted mushroom house is absolutely fabbo!