Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Flea Market / Flea Market Reborn

Not sure if this is new news or old news, but it's news to me.

Check out the Ottawa Flea Market y'all! Okay, okay. Nerd alert. My heart is racing ... eyes are dilating ... palms are sweaty. I have to wait until SUNDAY!? Ohhhh. And I have this feeling that the price points will be fantastic! Please have owl statues. Please.

Sunday Thrifting Church anyone? Here at the deet's:

260 McArthur Road

Vanier Columbus Club
(613) 297-0648
Open Sundays, 9:00am - 4:00pm

I've updated my Thrifting in Ottawa post with the details as well. Check that post regularly for a complete list of thrift, vintage, consignment, or flea market spots I've come across in Ottawa.

Now, if you happen to check out the OFM website, please tell me if I'm delirious or not ... but I think it says they have an open bar and karaoke! Seriously?! I have been known to perform Flagpole Sitta' from time to time... but combine thrifting and karaoke under the same roof? A proposition I had not yet pondered.

They do have an open bar. hmmmm.



  1. I actually stumbled upon this flea market a few weeks ago and was all excited about it's potential too, but I was sadly disapointed. There were no more than 10 or so vendors, most of which were selling tacky new goods à la the new Stittsville flea market. I think there was only 1 vendor selling actual vintage/antique finds, but from what I recall they were mostly Coca Cola memerobilia. So I would really only recommend it maybe for serious collectors of that kind of stuff? Otherwise, it's not really worth the treck. But maybe with time it'll become truly awesome as it has the potential to!

  2. Thanks for the heads up! My fingers are crossed that it evolves. That said, you just confirmed that I'll spend my exploring time this weekend at the Sarah Fisher "Collections" exhibit, perhaps MaryAnn Harris' Vintage Fashion Sale, and of course Victoire! XOXO

  3. Please be advised the the Ottawa Flea Market at 260 McArthur Ave is no longer in operation.
    Please remove this link as te site will be taken down by the webmaster shortly