Friday, January 16, 2009

Mission .... Achieved!

I set out to hit at least one thrift spot before end of day Friday.

I ended up working until after 6pm every night which means that most non-boxstore, non-mall establishments are closed.
That said, I persevered to ensure that my mission was achieved. Barely. I hit a pretty standard spot: Value Village on Bank and Walkley. I've found a few gems here (namely, my first owl sculpture: picture to follow soon) -- so I continue to return in hopes of uncovering a rare deal or amazing find.

My take-homes today were the following ...

* Great old wood frame and print
* Queen Anne creamer

Mini rant ... it seems to me that Value Village's prices are a little steep for a store that has all of their merchandise DONATED FOR FREE. It seems to have become a highly commercialized machine. Anything that holds a stronger retail value, or may be considered vintage is marked way up! Not to mention, on more than one occaision I've overheard families complain about the prices. Sure, the price points are lower than what you'd pay for new items. But come on, that's the point. In my heart of hearts, I feel that Value Village is to grass roots thrift shops, what boxstores are to cute original boutiques.

for a great example of what a true blue thrift shop should be ... check out Generations on Bridgeport Road next time you're in Waterloo, Ontario! Yes, this is my hometown and a great spot my mom discovered. They organize everything so adorably, items are presented cleanly and professionally, they have rock bottom prices, and really great stuff!! I'm always impressed!!

Keep your eyes out for those super gems in Ottawa, and I will continue to do the same. Maybe Sunday will bring me a window of opportunity to hit a new spot!


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