Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh Vintage Owls ... how I long for thee!

Without even knowing it -- I started a new collection! Ooops! It happened a little while back when I stumbled across this very adorable owl statue from VV. He had a few chips off his ear and beak, but had fantastic character. I knew he needed a good home. So home he came. A couple weeks after that, another owl crossed my path. I think he's actually one of those owls people buy to scare off other birds from chillin' on their balconies. Who would do such a thing!!? So home he came.

The two owls are now happily perched on top of our closet in the front hall. It's a perfect space, but they're getting lonely. Since those two lucky finds, I have yet to come across another.

After countless missions and no luck, the itch got stronger. In preparation for a cathartic blogging session about owls, a quick Google search for 'vintage owls' yielded the image to the left. It was actually a pic from a blog called Design*Sponge ... highlighting some beautiful vintage owls from Etsy: bluebellbazaar! I quickly went on the site, but no such luck ... they had been sold!! I emailed the vendor (Gosia) and she responded almost ins
tantly! I'm now on her mailing list to find out when new gems get posted. Success. Fingers crossed.

We all have our vices. Mine seem to be centred around forest animals and dwellers -- owls, deers, squirrels, acorns, sticks, and birds. hmmmm. I suppose it could be worse. For now, I'll relish in the amazing experiences of the weekend!!! My first visit to Bentley's Flea Market and a trip to MaryAnn Haris' Vintage Fashion Rave at her home. More to come on that!

Ottawa might not be such a bad thrifting city after all. Just takes some digging into the subculture of the thrifting world. Diamond in the rough.


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  1. If you're still collecting owls check out my vintage owl shop on Etsy, I have owls of all shapes and sizes. :)